The bounce back of Gold

By Baik├║lia-├▓Bamung'o TRENDING in recently, is the news of foul murder there in Kilimani, Kenya's leading dungeon of sin, treachery and illicit carnal carnivores. Grapevine that circulated after the murder insinuated the crime was a culmination of trade in gold gone haywire. Gold, again, is a hot cake in asset investing. Historically, the biggest drawback … Continue reading The bounce back of Gold

The allure of the Auction Theory

Auction markets illustration Paul Milgrom and Robert Wilson are the laureates for the Nobel prize for economic sciences this year. Their works on inventing new dimensions in regime of the auction theory. Historically, a common auction method has been that of the sale by the fall of the hammer. In this method, people have always … Continue reading The allure of the Auction Theory